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About me and this website..


If  you are reading this page, then  you have stumbled onto  a  great resource for  Discus Hobbyists  everywhere.    This website is all about Discus. It will  cover  everything  from the basic care and husbandry needed to  keep  Discus  to solving  problems you have  going  on inyour tanks. It will also  cover  foods, nutrition,  environmental  considerations.  I will give  you  insight on  how to set up  your tanks, where to buy  your stock, and  how to treat that stock when  you  receive it. Lastly  I will share with  you  my  knowledge and  hard earned experience as a  Discus Keeper these  last  20 years.

I am  still learning about  discus  myself,  but I am  not new to discus at all.  I  have spent many years in this hobby, spoken at many events on the subject of Discus.  I have bred Discus, sold discus, imported  wild discus,  founded Discus  Groups, and  have  run  one of the largest and most successful Discus Forums on the Internet, SimplyDiscus.com


Discus are  in my Blood, and  I wish to share my love  of this  fish with all of you and  share what I have  learned along  way.

If you want to follow along as this site grows,  you can easily subscribe to it and  you will get email notices when  something new is  up.

Thank you,

Al Sabetta, aka Brewmaster15

About me, the  person: I am a  father  of two awesome kids that my wife   and I have raised with all the love we  could  give.  I am a  biologist by education,  and  I own a  small  fish food business.  When I am not talking Discus,  I  am probably talking Blackworms, the core  product  of  my fishfood business. You can visit me there at Aquaticsuppliers.com.  I am involved in many other things and consider myself  an advanced  Hobby Photographer, Reptile  breeder and  homebrewer of Ales and Meads.  I am a  survivalist, traditional Archer, and  D.I.Y fanatic. ..but always  foremost, I am a  Dad and  Husband. I am  sure all these  things will creep into this  website over time.

30 thoughts on “About me and this website..”

  1. Hi AL wish you the best in your new website , I like what your doing here hope I learn more thank for your info and sources , Best of luck

  2. Thanks for inviting me to your great new website. Looking forward to reading and learning more about discus as this is the first time I am raising 6 of them.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks again for the invite !! Looking forward to the wealth of information you posses and are willing to share, both here and on Simply. Keep up the great work !

  4. Al,

    Thank you for the shipping tips. I just shipped two shipments of my fish. I did not want to ship them but wanted to make way for aquarium changes. Out of 15 fish 10 died. I was brokenhearted! If I had read your shipping article I think they would have all arrived alive. I didn’t twist the bag over to shut it. The rubberbands were not tight enough and the water leaked out.

    I need more of your blackworms. Will send you an order.

    1. Sheila,
      That is a terrible lesson to learn! I’m sorry. We’ve all gone thru the learning curve here and I really hope that this website helps people have an easier time with the curve! Thanks for stopping bye.


      ps.. plenty of worms here!

  5. Al, I don’t know what’s all going on but I just saw all the other cool kids jumping off the bridge. So I thought, what the hell… I’m jumping too. -Elliot

  6. p.s. – and Al, no more “Blue Steel” photo shots. smile once in awhile… don’t scare the newbies with all of that seriousness! :P

  7. Thirty year fishkeeper and still learnin. Looking forward to getting to know you.been looking for Discus keepers. This looks like a great site for info.looking forward to picking the brains of discus keepers. thanks much Tom

    1. Tom,
      If you are looking for fellow Discus keepers, be sure to check out my forum at SimplyDiscus.com
      You won’t find a better place to learn about discus and interact with fellow hobbyists!
      Best always,

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